Food control and monitoring

The quality assurance department is responsible for monitoring all production processes, in compliance with production and hygiene standards, documentation in accordance with HACCP, sensory systems and sampling, and storage samples from current productions, cooperation with accredited research institutes, drawing up specifications and product profiles. It is in contact with users, suppliers, trade customers, government administrations and local authorities, as well as institutes and associations.

Quality management

Customers become quality-conscious buyers and demand that their business partners meet the highest quality requirements for products and services. Media transparency and the globalisation of commodity flows demand responsible processing sequences. Internal workshops and discussions, as well as observing consumption and consumer trends and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, form the basis of our development of new up-to-date products.

Inspection systems for food safety, the implementation and adherence to the HACCP system and the annual DLG awards are proof of the sustainable quality performance of Rümke production.


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